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Disposable Nitrile Medical Surgical Safety Gloves Virus Protection Static Gloves 100PCS

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Disposable Nitrile Medical Surgical Safety Gloves Virus Protection Static Gloves 100PCS
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disposable nitrile gloves (vacuum packaging bag)

Palm Width: 8cm / 9cm / 10cm (Optional) Size: S / M / L (Optional) Powder Free: Yes A grade is non-toxic, no color difference, no impurities, regardless of left and right hands, easy to put on and take off, sensitive to use.

Advantages of dust-free nitrile gloves:

1. Dust-free nitrile gloves have excellent chemical resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and oil resistance. 2. Dust-free nitrile gloves have strong tensile strength, puncture resistance, and are not easy to break. 3. Dust-free nitrile gloves have good sealing performance and are most effective in preventing dust from being emitted outward. 4. Dust-free nitrile gloves have no silicon component and have certain antistatic properties, which are suitable for the production needs of the electronics industry. 5. Dust-free nitrile gloves are comfortable to wear, and will not cause skin tension when worn for a long time, which is conducive to blood circulation. 6. Dust-free nitrile gloves are non-toxic, harmless, tasteless, free of amino compounds and other harmful substances, and rarely cause allergies. 7.Dustless nitrile gloves have low chemical residue on the surface, low ion content, and low particle content, suitable for strict clean room environment 8.Super puncture-proof, compact texture and super toughness. It has ultra-tough puncture resistance.

Disposable gloves are mainly used in medical, medicine, dentistry, hygiene, catering, beauty salons and food processing, factory workshops, microelectronics, computers, communications, semiconductor assembly, ink printing, daily household cleaning, kitchen wipes, etc.